Creative solutions for printing your menu pages. Paper, cellulose fiber, waterproof material, transparent bags. Binding with elastic cord, metal clips or paper bar.
The shape of the pages for the DAG Style covers is designed to keep them in the correct position, guarantees easy replacement of the sheets in case of need and offers a greater printable surface than standard sheets. The material texture and the colors of the cellulose fiber give the list a genuine and traditional look. The “paper effect” matte finish of the waterproof polyester pages makes them pleasant to the touch and brings out the colors of the print.
The proposals of a menu tell a lot about the personality of a place. DAG Style dedicates an important space to this aspect with an insert page in cellulose fiber thickness 0,6, in natural or black color, to be personalized with texts and logos, to communicate the history and philosophy that the customer is about to meet and introduce. to a new dining experience.